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Project name

SmartPorts: Modern and attractive small ports network through cross-border interactive information system, joint marketing and improved port services

Program / priority / specific objective

  • Interreg Interreg Central Baltic Program 2014 2020th year;
  • Priority 3 “well connected Central Baltic Region”;
  • Specific objective 3.2. “Improved services to existing small ports in order to improve local and regional mobility and contribute to the development of tourism

Implementation time

01.10.2015. – 30.09.2017.

Project budget

1 468 657,60 EUR, including Pavilosta Port Authority project is part of the budget 149 608.00 EUR Interreg co-financing of 85%

The main objectives of the project

1. Create the Central Baltic region (Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden) modern and attractive small port network with quality services.

2. To promote the Riga Kurzeme region and the small port of international recognition and inclusion in the Central Baltic region of small ports in the joint information systems and marketing activities to promote the flow of the yacht on Latvian small ports.

Project activities

1. Pilot Investments small port facilities in order to improve the safety of navigation and environmental protection requirements, expand and improve port services (water supply and wastewater collection systems, hazardous waste collection systems, clean-up, navigation buoys and signs, weather stations, ports and controls surveillance cameras).

2. Interactive tourism and shipping information stand purchase and installation of small ports, the use of ICT solutions.

3.Small ports of international marketing activities Implementing the marketing plan; Information and marketing content on the small port services development and publication of web sites, social networks and elsewhere; Small ports of websites linking to the small port of tourist information websites of the Central Baltic region; Navigation material and other information materials for marina visitors in order to facilitate access to information for small ports network, their location and the services available to foreign visitors; Small ports ensuring participation in at least two international tourist exhibitions.

Lead partner

  • Estonia’s small ports Development Center Eesti Väikesadamate Arenduskeskus

Latvian partners

  • Riga planning region
  • Kurzeme planning region
  • Jurmala Port Authority
  • Mersrags Port Authority
  • Skulte Port Authority
  • Salacgriva Port Authority
  • Pavilosta Port Authority

Estonian partners

  • Purtse Port
  • Kärdla Port
  • Kalev Yachtclub(Tallin)
  • Lõunaranna Port
  • Kõiguste Port

Finnish partner

  • Municipality of Sottunga (Aland Islands)

Swedish partner

  • The Archipelago Foundation (Stockholm Region)

Pavilosta Port Authority project manager

Ronalds Griškēvičs,, tālr. +371 29104444

More information,